Adolescent Treatment


Adolescent Treatment

Here at Huls Orthodontics, we strive to create beautiful, shining smiles for all of our patients, including adolescents. As your adolescent and adult orthodontic treatment in Champaign specialist, Dr. Mark B. Huls knows how critical adolescent years are for human development. This makes for an ideal time to get orthodontic treatment. Huls Orthodontics can help your child feel more confident by crafting a healthy and beautiful smile.

What Does Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment Entail?

Getting adolescent or adult orthodontic treatment is important. This is especially true for adolescents. Phase II of tooth development starts around the age of 12 or 13. By the age of 12, most - if not all - permanent teeth have erupted and grown into place.

Of course, teeth don't always grow as they're supposed to during this time. This is when we see a lot of crooked teeth, gaps, and over/under/crossbites. These are issues that your orthodontist will spot during an initial exam.

Utilizing braces, Invisalign, retainers, and/or other forms of orthodontic treatment, your child's jaw and teeth will be gently guided into a much more suitable alignment. This can even create a more symmetrical smile through a corrected facial structure.

Advantages of Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment

As your orthodontic specialists, our team here at Huls Orthodontics knows that it is important to take advantage of these years of growth spurts. During this time, it is easier to shift teeth into the proper spots.

A lot of teenagers go through their orthodontic treatment around the same time, so they will probably have friends and classmates who are going through the same type of treatment. A straight, brilliant, shining smile can help instill confidence in your child, providing them with many social and personal benefits.

Types of Treatment for Adolescents

There are different treatments available for adolescents needing orthodontic work. Depending on your teen's unique needs, they might respond best to Invisalign or a certain type of braces.

They might do best with traditional metal braces, but there are also ceramic braces to consider. Also, Invisalign has the benefit of containing no metal and being removable for eating and brushing teeth. Retainers are necessary after the braces are removed, so your child might end up with either a Hawley retainer, an Essix retainer, or a fixed retainer.

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As your family orthodontist in Champaign and Monticello, Huls Orthodontics takes pride in making our communities brighter one smile at a time. Dr. Huls and his experienced staff are here to take care of your child with our orthodontic braces.

Be sure to schedule an appointment today to get your child started on their path to a brighter and straighter smile. If you have any lingering questions for us, head on over to our contact page and reach out to us. We are happy to speak with you about your concerns and cannot wait to see you in our office.