Why Do Braces Take So Long?

Why Do Braces Take so Long
Posted on 12/11/2019
Braces have long been a standard orthodontic treatment to help people achieve beautiful smiles. Whether you currently have braces or are considering getting them, you may be wondering why braces take so long to work. At Huls Orthodontics, we notice our patients sometimes get nervous or edgy about how long their braces are taking to work; however, there is a good reason braces do not align teeth overnight.

How Braces Work

Your teeth are connected to your jawbone, so shifting and repositioning them is actually a form of bone remodeling. Whether you are wearing metal braces, ceramic braces, or clear braces, the process of straightening your teeth is basically the same. Braces are appliances installed by an orthodontist to move your teeth into new positions. 

With fixed braces, brackets are cemented to your teeth and wires are attached to them to create gentle pressure to shift your teeth. New bone tissue must form around the teeth in their new positions to hold them in place. Therefore, treatment cannot be rushed. Without adequate new tissue to hold them in place, teeth could become loose or even fall out. 

After your braces are removed, your orthodontist may ask you to wear a retainer to help support your teeth in their new locations. At Huls Orthodontic, we offer orthodontic treatment in Champaign and orthodontic treatment in Monticello, and at both locations, we want our patients to understand how their treatments work so they will not grow anxious about any step of the process. 

Why the Process Takes so Long

Because braces are moving teeth that are attached to bone, the process cannot be rushed. Bone is solid and teeth must be gently guided into new positions with consistent pressure. If the process were rushed, serious and perhaps permanent damage may occur to your bone, teeth, or gums. 

It takes close to a year for new bone tissue to solidify. You may begin to notice dramatic results much quicker than this, but you need to continue wearing your braces while the new tissue hardens and is able to hold your teeth in their new positions. Once the new bone tissue has hardened around your teeth, we can safely take the braces off your teeth. 

Here at Huls Orthodontics, we put your health and safety first. We never rush the process of straightening teeth with braces. We work with you to personalize your treatment as much as possible, but for your well-being, we never hurry orthodontic procedures. Ultimately, your beautiful healthy smile will make it all worthwhile. 

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