When Can Children Get Invisalign Treatment?

When Can Children Get Invisalign Treatment?
Posted on 04/07/2023

Whether your child’s teeth cause discomfort or prevent regular speech, seeing an orthodontist is a step in the right direction. Although some parents often consider how their child’s appearance may be linked to self-esteem, there’s more to consider in the long run. If your child is over the age of 7, it’s not too early for them to see an orthodontist.

Straighter Teeth are Easier to Manage

Getting a child to brush and floss regularly can be a challenge, especially if they enjoy eating sweets. When teeth are misaligned from events like thumb sucking, brushing alone may not remove all plaque and germs. Crowded teeth can also hide plaque or tartar that can only be removed by a dentist. Also, excess spacing between the teeth may cause discomfort while chewing or speaking.

Health Problems Connected to Misaligned Teeth

If your child is experiencing unusual head or body aches, there’s a chance that crooked teeth may be the culprit. As teeth are part of the skeletal system, anything that’s not connected properly is subject to problems that can last into adulthood. This includes inflammation, mouth breathing, and problems with biting. Contact Huls Orthodontics today if this is a problem your pediatrician isn’t able to resolve.

A Teeth Straightening Solution that Lasts

While orthodontics doesn’t make teeth straight overnight, there are some options outside of the traditional brackets. Although traditional braces are the most economical, other teeth straightening choices include ceramic braces and Invisalign. Invisalign is one popular solution for teens and adults, as it’s easy to use and maintain oral hygiene. However, the best way to determine if this discreet option is best, it’s best to have your child come in for an examination.

Sometimes habits like thumb sucking, cheek biting, or even grinding can lead to further damage that’s harder to reverse as time passes. Huls Orthodontics caters to patients of all ages and uses a gentle, yet practical approach to orthodontics. Call today if you have concerns about your child’s teeth or other problems related to speech.