What to Expect When Getting Your Braces Removed

Posted on 03/04/2022

The long wait is finally over, you've done your time, given up those sticky, crunchy, chewy foods for such a long time and now the day has come when your braces are coming off. However, this moment is not the end of the journey, and today Dr. Huls of Huls Orthodontics in Champaign and Monticello, IL would like to provide patients with a list of things to expect when they get their braces removed.

Sometimes There's a Delay

Treatment times can vary, and sometimes a braces patient will find that their treatment takes longer than expected. Sometimes a delay can occur when unexpected tooth movement happens and adjustments need to be made, pushing back the removal date. If braces become damaged or aren't properly cared for, this can also cause a delay so take good care of your appliance.

Things Will Feel a Little Weird

Just as you had to adjust to wearing braces, it will take a little time to get used to having them out. Your teeth will feel much smaller than you remember, and their smoothness may even be alarming at first! But just remember to admire your beautiful new smile, snack on some of those foods you were missing, and you'll readjust.

Your Teeth Will Need Some Cleaning

The actual process of getting the braces off doesn't take very long, it's the cleaning afterward that is a bit of a drag. The orthodontist will pop off each bracket with a special tool, and once the appliance is removed, the surface of each tooth needs to be scraped and cleaned to remove all the residual adhesive. This might be a little uncomfortable, but won't damage your teeth or cause pain.

The Retainer is Crucial

After undergoing any orthodontic procedure that involves shifting the position of your teeth, a retainer is necessary to lock in those results and guarantee they stick. Your orthodontist will create a retainer that fits your mouth perfectly, and you'll need to wear it every night, and maybe even during the day at first, indefinitely. If you don't wear your retainer your teeth can shift back to their old position.

Contact your Orthodontist Today

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