The difference between metal and ceramic braces?

The difference between metal and ceramic braces?
Posted on 04/26/2022

So you are ready for braces?

At Huls Orthodontics, we offer multiple types of treatment to combat any issues with your teeth. If the time has come that orthodontic braces are being discussed, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the options. We would love to help you narrow down the options by talking about what the difference is between metal braces and ceramic braces.

What is the difference between metal and ceramic braces?

The Similarities

What They Do

The most obvious way that metal and ceramic braces are the same is that they both serve the same purpose - to straighten and align your teeth!

How They Work

Both types are bonded to your teeth and attached by metal wires. The same kinds of care are applied to both, as far as brushing, flossing and maintaining them.

The Nitty Gritty

Both types of braces come with the same restrictions as far as what food and drinks you should avoid while wearing them.

The Differences

How They Look

The biggest difference between the two types of braces is that metal braces are, well, metal, and therefore noticeable when worn. The ceramic braces are clear or tooth-colored, and so they are much more difficult to notice, especially from a distance. This distinction makes ceramic braces a popular choice for adults receiving orthodontic work, or adolescents who are self-conscious. One caveat to that is that the ceramic is more likely to discolor over time if you are consuming products that tend to stain.

How They Feel

Some patients report that ceramic braces are more comfortable than traditional metal braces. Because of the material they are made with, they tend to be easier on the gums and inside of the mouth than metal. Although you should get used to both kinds over time, the conditioning period for ceramic may be shorter.

Their Strength & Effectiveness

Metal braces are stronger and more flexible than ceramic braces. This gives patients a little more resiliency if they are worried about breaks, as ceramic braces are more prone to damage. This can lead to a longer treatment time, as well.

While both kinds of braces have the same effectiveness for most patients, if the extent of change needed is high, metal braces are the superior choice.

Their Cost

Due to material and the potential for extended treatment time, ceramic braces are inevitably always the more expensive of the two options. Huls Orthodontics accepts many financial options for whatever treatment option you decide to go with.

Are you ready to make your choice?

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