How to Practice Good Oral Hygiene with Braces

How to Practice Good Oral Hygiene with Braces
Posted on 01/30/2023
At Huls Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on becoming your family orthodontist in Champaign and on our ability to improve your smile once and for all. From crooked smiles to crowding, our team custom-tailors each treatment plan for our patient's needs. More specifically, our leader, Dr. Mark B. Huls, works with each patient to instill productive habits and routines into their lives that facilitate optimal oral health. However, one question crops up time and time again: how do I clean my mouth once I have braces? If you're battling your braces or think orthodontic braces are in your future, here's how to maintain a healthy smile while navigating braces.

1. Angled Brush Strokes

Patients with braces feel it's impossible to clean the plaque and tartar away from their brackets, but with ingenuity and creative thinking, anything is possible. To start, angle your brush in a 45-degree orientation, gently pressing downward and upward between each bracket. Rather than scraping against the flat surface of each tooth in a circular motion, aim between each mounting point for efficient cleaning.

2. Proxy Brushing and Flossing

Unlike traditional flossing and brushing, the proxy brush helps individuals with braces lead productive oral routines while navigating their architecture. The proxy brush contains a small wire with bristle attachments that easily slide between each bracket and under the wire. By running a proxy brush between each tooth and bracket for ten to fifteen seconds, individuals with braces effectively remove buildup accumulated throughout the day.

3. Floss Threader

Another trick you'll soon learn after getting orthodontic braces in Champaign is using a floss threader. Since a large wire frame encapsulates the surface of each tooth, it becomes challenging to slide the floss between the crevices to remove food and drink particles. A floss threader allows patients to pass the floss behind the wire frame, giving the ability to clean between the nooks and crannies with optimum efficiency and ease. This can also be achieved by using a water flosser to flush away food debris from around brackets and between teeth.

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