How often do I change my clear aligners?

How often do I change my clear aligners?
Posted on 11/10/2023

Clear aligners are the modern equivalent of metal braces. These customized trays may straighten your teeth in almost half the time as traditional methods. Our Champaign and Monticello orthodontist, Dr. Mark B. Huls, welcomes all questions about your clear aligners. Knowing when to change clear aligners helps patients move forward with their treatment plans.

Typical Timeline

Our Champaign and Monticello orthodontist suggests changing those clear aligners every 7 to 14 days. A study with the National Library of Medicine also agrees with this timeline. Essentially, this time period gives the trays a chance to place proper pressure on the teeth.

As the pressure remains steady, the teeth move into a new position. If the aligners aren't changed within this time frame, then the treatment might slow down. Ultimately, the teeth remain in this position until our orthodontist introduces new trays.

Beginning Treatment

Initially, your orthodontic treatment in Champaign or Monticello might start at two-week intervals. Your teeth and jaw must acclimate to the first tray, which often takes a full 10-14 days. As your teeth slowly move into position, changing the aligners may occur more frequently. Dr. Huls and staff will tell you how often to switch your aligners at your appointment.

Remember, every treatment plan is unique to the patient. Some patients' teeth move faster than others, for instance. Working closely with your Champaign and Monticello orthodontist will help you understand your particular treatment milestones. For any questions, contact Huls Orthodontics today.

Factoring in Patient Involvement

Knowing when to change your clear aligners also includes patient involvement. Ideally, you should wear your clear aligners every day for about 20-23 hours. If patients don't wear the aligners for most of the day, changing them won't occur very often. Basically, the trays must be in place to move the teeth. Otherwise, there's no change to the teeth's positions and the tray remains the same for a longer time period.

Communicating With Your Doctor

As your treatment progresses, you might notice changes to the pressure applied by the clear aligners. Certainly, your teeth can move after only a few days of wearing a new aligner. If the tray feels loose, contact our office. By discussing your orthodontic treatment in Monticello or Champaign with Dr. Huls, you'll see rapid results.

In the end, clear aligners can work well for both teenagers and adults. An initial consultation gives you a look at a potential plan for your orthodontic treatment in Champaign or Monticello. Contact Huls Orthodontics for an appointment today.