How Often Do Braces Need to Be Tightened?

How Often Do Braces Need to Be Tightened?
Posted on 09/10/2023

When you visit our family orthodontist, you might be embarking on a new journey with metal braces. This time-tested orthodontic device moves your teeth into a straight position for years of beautiful smiles. At Huls Orthodontics, Dr. Mark B. Huls is here to answer all of your questions. Learn all about metal braces and how often they must be tightened right now.

Average Time Period

When you wear orthodontic braces, the entire treatment might take between one to three years, reports Healthline. However, Dr. Mark B. Huls does not place braces and leave them untouched for this period. In reality, you return every four to seven weeks for tightening or adjustments.

For example, your orthodontic braces include brackets and wires. During each appointment, our doctor adjusts these components so that they apply specific pressure on the teeth. As a result, this pressure moves the teeth into straight positions.

The Adjustment Process

Every appointment is unique to the patient. However, these steps might be part of your next visit, such as:

  • Removing the archwire
  • Adding new ties
  • Adjusting or replacing the archwire
  • Adding or adjusting rubber bands or elastics

In addition, Dr. Mark B. Huls might ask you to brush and floss your teeth while the archwire is removed. This extra step allows you to access the teeth and gums without the wire being in the way. Because you wear braces for an extended time, an opportunity to brush and floss without obstacles is critical to personal hygiene.

For other questions, call Huls Orthodontics today!

When Accidents Occur

You might visit our office more often if there are accidents with the wires or brackets. For example, a sports accident knocks a bracket from the tooth. Ideally, contact our office for an emergency visit. We can reattach the bracket and adjust the wires in no time.

Alternative Options

The most popular alternative to metal braces today is clear aligners. Essentially, Dr. Mark B. Huls creates a mold of your teeth, which transforms into a clear aligner or tray. Instead of returning to the office for wire and bracket adjustments, you get a new set of aligners each time. However, every patient requires a specific treatment. After a consultation, our doctor can determine the best pathway for your future smile.

In the end, metal braces are an effective tool for healthy smiles. Questions may arise throughout your treatment, if so, you can contact Huls Orthodontics today!