How Long Does It Take to Put on Ceramic Braces?

How Long Does It Take to Put on Ceramic Braces?
Posted on 03/05/2023

Understanding what ceramic braces are and how they are applied are the first steps toward deciding if these are the right braces for you. Ceramic braces are made of ceramic, of course. They are typically clear or tooth-colored and are far less noticeable than the traditional metal brackets.

These braces, or more accurately the brackets, are installed in much the same way as the metal brackets. Adult orthodontic treatment in Champaign often utilizes ceramic braces because ceramic is stronger, lasts longer, and doesn't draw attention to your orthodontic treatment. Dr. Mark Huls of Huls Orthodontics is the best clinic in Champaign for adult braces of this kind.

Adult Orthodontic Treatment in Champaign, IL

As an adult, you want people to see your smile, not your braces. This is the biggest reason why adults come to Huls Orthodontics for treatment they can get ceramic braces that blend in with their natural teeth. The only noticeable aspect of these braces is the orthodontic wires that connect through all the brackets. Additionally, you can get colored ceramic braces in nearly every color of the rainbow if you feel as though people are going to see the brackets anyway.

As far as the time it takes in the orthodontist's chair to put on ceramic braces, the time is no different than metal brackets. It starts with the careful application of a bonding agent on the center of every tooth. The orthodontist will apply one bracket at a time, make sure it's secure, and then apply a bonding agent and another bracket to a neighboring tooth.

When all of the brackets are in place and quite secure, the orthodontist or orthodontic technician will run the metal wire through the brackets. The wire is then secured in the end brackets at the back of your mouth. The end brackets are typically bonded to the last set of molars in the back.

All told the process for metal or ceramic braces is two to three hours. If a ceramic bracket breaks during installation or during the wiring process, it has to be removed and replaced. Then it might take a few extra minutes for a broken bracket, but that is typical of any orthodontic procedure.

Champaign's Ceramic Braces Leader

Numerous adult patients have enjoyed successful orthodontic treatments with ceramic braces. Huls Orthodontics has been providing adult patients with this cosmetic procedure for years with great success. If you live in the city or in the area around Champaign ceramic braces as an adult might be perfect for you. Don't hesitate to contact Huls Orthodontics for an appointment.