What Causes a Gummy Smile and How Can We Help You Fix it?

What Causes a Gummy Smile and How Can We Help You Fix it?
Posted on 06/30/2021

When most people think about the benefits of orthodontics they think about straightening out their teeth and achieving a beautiful, clean-looking smile—but what many forget is that your gums are as much a part of your smile as your teeth are. This fact is usually apparent to people who suffer from gummy smiles, in which an excess of gum has grown over part of the teeth and can make teeth look stubby or truncated. Here at Huls Orthodontics, your local Monticello Orthodontist, we believe that everyone should be able to be proud of their smile, which is why we offer an array of solutions for overly gummy smiles (also known as gingival hyperplasia). Check out our quick guide to gummy smile causes and learn about how your local Champaign dentist can help you find a solution!

Why Do You Have A Gummy Smile

Whether you are looking for a treatment to reduce the prominence of your gums, or if you simply want to know why you have a gummy smile, it's important to understand the possible causes of gummy smiles. Gingival hyperplasia can be caused by a variety of conditions, some harmless and some more concerning. Here is a list of the possible reasons for your gummy smile:

  • Hyperactive Lip Muscle:

    Many gummy smiles can be attributed to a hyperactive lip muscle, in which case your gummy smile is easily treatable at our Champaign dentist office and is otherwise non-threatening.

  • Improper Jaw Development or Tooth Eruption

    Other causes of gingival hyperplasia can stem from teeth that have not fully erupted from the gums, or a malformed jaw that does not allow the teeth to protrude properly. This condition can cause problems with your bite, as well as your jaw later on, and should be treated as soon as possible.

  • Poor Oral Hygiene

    Improper oral hygiene can lead to infections which can cause gummy smiles. These infections can be treated with orthodontic care and you should be sure to visit your Monticello orthodontist to get this problem taken care of.

What We Can Do To Help You

If you have a gummy smile and are worried about it affecting your appearance, confidence, and oral health, your local Champaign dentist can help you find the ideal treatment for your dental needs. We offer an array of orthodontic treatments in-house and can recommend skilled medical professionals for extra-orthodontic gum treatment. Here are some of the most popular available treatments to fix a gummy smile:

  • Dental Veneers
  • Dental Crowns
  • Botox
  • Gum Surgery
  • Labial Frenectomy

Schedule A Visit With Your Local Monticello Orthodontist

If you don’t know which of these orthodontic treatments is ideal for your gums, one easy way to find out is to visit Huls Orthodontics for a checkup! Here at your local Champaign dentist, our skilled orthodontic staff can evaluate the cause of your gummy smile and recommend the appropriate treatment to allow your teeth to shine. Don’t spend any more time being ashamed of a gummy smile—contact Huls Orthodontics today to learn more about our treatments for gingival hyperplasia or to schedule an appointment!