Can braces change your face shape?

Can braces change your face shape?
Posted on 08/10/2023

At Huls Orthodontics, we provide braces and clear aligners to correct oral health issues and straighten teeth. We welcome children, teens, and adults into our family orthodontist Monticello facility so we can improve their smiles. During the correcting phase, you may notice that your face is different. If your face shape changes, it may not be an aging issue but an issue with wearing braces and aligners.

Do Orthodontic Braces in Monticello, IL Change Your Face Shape?

A new smile with straight teeth can change your face shape. The pressure on the gums, teeth, and jaw will change the chin, jawline, and mouth. The patients affected will notice subtle to noticeable changes. Children and teenagers will see the most significant changes in face shape because their bodies are still growing. Adults will notice subtle to moderate changes in face shape gradually.

However, any occurrences will make your face more symmetrical, natural, and aligned than before. Meanwhile, clear aligners don't cause facial shape changes like braces because they only fix minor oral health problems. What they affect is the shape of your mouth. For more information about clear aligners or orthodontic braces in Monticello IL, contact Dr. Mark B. Huls.

In summary, the face changes as much as the teeth reposition. That does not happen to all patients. Braces may affect the cheekbones, but they do not affect the eyes, eyebrows, nose, ears, or forehead.

What Procedures Cause This?

Open bite, underbite, and overbite procedures can alter your face shape. Open-bite patients have expanded mouths and lips that protrude forward. In severe cases, it's impossible to close your mouth. After teeth correction, the mouth will close properly, the mouth will shrink, and the lips won't protrude.

Underbite patients have lower teeth that stick out in front of their upper teeth. The lower jaw protrudes ahead and over the upper teeth. Conversely, overbite patients have their upper teeth in front of their lower teeth. That means the upper teeth hang over the lower teeth. After tooth correction, the protrusion matches the other teeth for a balanced result.

Crossbites and crooked teeth may change the shape of the face, but they are not as significant as the three mentioned. Always consult an orthodontist regarding your procedure and any related major or minor concerns.

Don't look at face shape alteration as an unpleasant side effect of wearing braces. That minor change improves your look, smile, and confidence. Braces have more positives for a healthy smile than negatives. To learn more about braces, clear aligners, and oral health procedures in Monticello, contact Dr. Mark B. Huls and his staff at Huls Orthodontics.