Benefits Of An Orthodontist vs. DIY At-Home Treatments

Benefits Of An Orthodontist vs. DIY At-Home Treatments
Posted on 09/01/2020

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DIY Treatments vs. Treatment with Huls Orthodontics

DIY has become increasingly popular with tutorials and how-to videos spread across social media. In these days of social distancing it might seem like the perfect time to try at-home treatments while stuck indoors—but what about when it comes to orthodontics? It may seem like a good idea, but Huls Orthodontics takes the oral health of our patients very seriously—that’s why we want to address the risks associated with at-home DIY orthodontics and mail-order aligners.

DIY Orthodontics

DIY braces are becoming more common these days, claiming you can straighten with everything from rubber bands, to bobby pins, paper clips, and aluminum foil. Any orthodontist will tell you to protect your teeth from tough foods and harsh contact. Just like you should never use your teeth or braces as a tool to open bottles or packaging, you should never consider putting other foreign objects in your mouth because this can cause severe damage, and may result in an emergency visit to the dentist. Damage to braces and brackets can also be extremely painful, and can impact your treatment time frame, so don’t fall victim to any other DIY recommendations for existing braces. Avoid these dangerous DIY methods, which can lead to incorrect teeth alignment, severe pain, infection, and increased tooth decay and cavities. We always recommend being as gentle as possible to your mouth, and help protect your beautiful smile.

Mail-Order Aligners

Mail-order aligner services are also becoming incredibly popular, claiming to offer an easy and affordable option to straighten your teeth at home. Once you’ve taken impressions and photos of your teeth, you’ll receive “custom” aligners mailed directly to you, and when worn as directed you’ll get straight teeth in 4-8 short months. Sounds too good to be true, right?—that’s because successful orthodontic treatment involves much more than a simple set of pictures and imprints. Your orthodontist will look for any important issues to address in your specialized treatment—such as missing or extra teeth as well as bone and jaw issues—mail-order aligners do not account for your bite and overlook larger issues. So even though they may help to straighten your teeth straight, you may experience mediocre results or later revert back to your old smile. Working with an experienced orthodontist specialist will help you maintain your new smile, ensure your specific needs are addressed, and guarantee you’re getting the beautiful smile you want.

Quality Orthodontic Care

When it comes to orthodontics, you really do get what you pay for, and it is better left to the experts—DIY orthodontic care is not as flexible and personal as a dedicated orthodontist’s approach. Huls Orthodontics will provide you with thorough treatment, a comprehensive diagnosis, and constant monitoring. Additionally, we have the flexibility to make necessary adjustments at any point during your treatment, to help keep your progress on track with your personalized treatment goals. We offer complete customization for amazing results that will last a lifetime:

  • We can combine aligner treatment and traditional braces, as both can sometimes be more effective.
  • We have started some patients in braces and finished treatment with aligners, and vice versa.
  • We have had other patients use aligners in their upper arch and braces on their lower arch.

Huls Orthodontics offers a wide variety of affordable treatment options to suit every budget, so there’s never a reason to experiment with risky DIY or mail methods that aren’t backed by experience or skill. Only a trusted orthodontist will offer high-quality orthodontic work, certified expertise, and innovative orthodontic technology to create your perfect customized smile that will last a lifetime!

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