While braces and Invisalign can do the work of straightening out your teeth, retention is the process that allows your teeth to settle in their new position permanently. Here at Huls Orthodontics, your local Champaign braces expert, we believe that all of our patients should get the most out of their orthodontic treatment, which is why our family orthodontist often recommends retention after orthodontic treatment. Find out everything you need to know about keeping your smile straight after braces or Invisalign below!

Why Wear A Retainer?

Whether you got braces in Champaign or if you used Invisalign to straighten your teeth, retention can help you get the most out of your orthodontic treatment and help you keep your teeth straight for the rest of your life! When your braces come off, your teeth are still malleable and subject to movement—which is why you should use your retainer. Without a retainer, your teeth would likely just shift back into misalignment; your retainer allows your gums and jaw to set around your newly straight smile!

Hawley Retainer

Hawley_retainerThe Hawley Retainer is what most people imagine when they think about retainers. Made from a custom acrylic mold with wires that secure the mold to the top or bottom of your mouth, the Hawley Retainer works by applying outward pressure to your teeth, holding them in position. Hawley retainers can be easily removed by the patient and need to be cleaned regularly to ensure proper functioning.

Essix Retainer

essixHere at Huls Orthodontics, your local Champaign braces provider, we know that our orthodontic patients have different lifestyles and different needs when it comes to treatment. For that reason we have chosen to offer the Essix retainer—so you can keep your teeth straight in style. The Essix retainer trades in the typical metal and acrylic of the Hawley model for a clear polymer mold which fits over your teeth and is almost invisible. Similar to an Invisalign aligner, our family orthodontist will fit you for the Essix retainer and then create a custom mold to keep your teeth from shifting back into place!

Fixed Retainers

lingualbondedretainerFixed retainers are different from our two other options in that they are not removable by the patient, but are instead secured to the back of your teeth to apply outward pressure. Consisting of a small wire that is hidden by your teeth, Fixed Retainers are the least visible of all of our retention treatments, meaning that you can be confident even while you are straightening your teeth. As with our other retainers, it is important to keep fixed retainers very clean, which can be slightly more difficult given their semi-permanent position. Fixed retainers are ideal for those who don’t want to deal with removing and replacing their retainer and for those who want their retainer to be completely invisible!

Come Visit Your Champaign Braces Expert, Huls Orthodontics

Here at our family orthodontist we know all the hard work that goes into straightening your teeth with braces or invisalign—which is why we believe in the value of retention and keeping your teeth straight even after your orthodontic treatment. Contact Huls Orthodontics today to learn more about retention or to schedule an appointment!